Five Fulfilled Historical Predictions That You Didn’t Know Were In the Quran

A prophecy is news about any future event. The Holy Qur’an was revealed over 1400 years ago as a source to gain closeness to faith and understand the oneness of God, but also as a guide to become better human beings. However, this book contains not only religious knowledge, but challenges us to make discoveries in the secular world. But in today’s world, spirituality and science seem to be constantly fighting over which is more true. The Holy Qur’an does not have this conflict and instead shows how both worldly knowledge and spiritual knowledge are important for the progress of the human race. Here are some miraculous prophecies and signs the Holy Qur’an has predicted in history including the advancement of technology, conflicts and wars, and sociopolitical events.

1. Establishment of Israel

“And after him We said to the Children of Israel, ‘Dwell Ye in the promised land; and when the time of the promise of the Latter Days come, We shall bring you together out of various people” (17:105).

Did you know the Qur’an predicted the creation of the nation of Israel? Today, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most contentious and ongoing conflicts in our world, but after World War II and the devastating effects of the Holocaust, Jews went in search of a homeland.

The creation of Israel in 1948 after the Balfour Declaration brought Jews from countries all over the world and from different tribes to this new “homeland,” creating conflict with Palestinians who have been living there for generations, fulfilling the part of the verse, “We shall bring you together out of various people.” When we further break down this verse, the Latter Days signifies the time of the Promised Messiah.

2. Nuclear Holocaust

“Woe to every backbiter, slanderer, Who amasses wealth and counts it over and over. He imagines that his wealth will make him immortal. Nay! He shall surely be cast into the “hutamah”. And what should make thee know what the “hutamah” is? God’s fire as preserved fuel, which will leap suddenly on to the hearts. It is locked up in outstretched pillars to be used against them” (104:2–10).

These verses talk about “hutamah,” which is God’s fire. In Arabic, the two roots of this word have the following meanings: ‘to pound’ or ‘pulverize into extremely small particles’, and ‘the smallest insignificant particle’. These particles refer to atoms, and atomic bombs are made by fission or when you split two atoms.

We have heard many times over the past few years about how a third world war is now more likely than ever. And ever since the 2016 presidential election, journalists and political analysts have now been predicting the same.

Opinion poll website FiveThirtyEight reported that we are closer to nuclear warfare than ever not just because of countries North Korea and the U.S., but tensions between nuclear powers like India and Pakistan as well.

3. Women’s Rights

“And when the female-infant buried alive is questioned about — For what crime was she killed?” (81:9–10)

As many of us know, some tribes in Arabia before the time of Islam murdered baby girls because they thought having a girl was a curse on the family. Unfortunately, we still see this practice which is known as female infanticide, still being carried out today in countries like India, Pakistan and China.

However, this verse clearly is calling out the murder of girls as inhumane by questioning what crime did she commit — indicating that a child or a baby is too innocent to be murdered for no reason, especially just because she happens to be a girl. This lays the basics down in Islam for giving women and girls rights and treating them with respect the second she is born.

4. Oceans Linked

“He has made the two bodies of water flow. They will one day meet. Between them there is a barrier; they cannot encroach one upon the other” (55:20–21).

These two verses are referring to the Panama Canal which connects the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and the Suez Canal which connects the Mediterranean and Red Sea.

The Qur’an predicted these canals 14 centuries before they were constructed. The verse explains how there is a barrier, meaning land between the two bodies of water, but one day they will connect. The Panama Canal officially opened in 1914 while the Suez Canal in Egypt was officially completed in 1869.

5. Zoos

“ When the wild beasts are gathered together” (81:6).

This verse is talking about zoos. But over 1400 years ago, nobody could ever imagine that one day different kinds of animals would be put together in closed and open parks. The creation of zoos have fulfilled this prophecy in the Qur’an.

We can see the incredible amount of information this book has given from centuries ago which teaches us so much about our world. The Qur’an holds multitudes of mysteries for us to solve and prepares us for events in the future. And the amazing thing is that there is so much more for us to discover.

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